I've been reading, looking at a lot of photos and thinking. I want to get more street photos of people candidly but I find it hard to stick a camera right up into someone's face. I just figure that I would be freaked out if someone did that to me so I am a bit timid. But I still want the photos so I decided to give it a go last weekend. Here's some of them. Tell me what you think.

Notice those doughnuts on the kiosk sign behind this couple? They're not bad!


Jessica said...

Where is this donut kiosk? I heard about them, that they're on Khreschatyk, and want to find it!

mizhenka said...

These are great! I'm glad you finally managed to do this and I hope to see more in the future!

Fotos From Kyiv said...

It's on the end of Kreshatik in front of Mark's and Spencer's.

Thanks Mizhenka! :)

Alan said...

As a tourist I was told to be sensitive and that it could be insulting. The things I wanted pictures of in UA sometimes caused my hosts' eyes to roll O brother what would you want that for? I also find the ordinary very interesting. Often I would try to conceal a shot so that the subject wouldn't see me taking it. I do enjoy your photos. Blessings to you!