New Year's Without Snow

I took this around New Year's Eve. Interesting shot since usually we have snow.


Christmas Market

There was an attempt to create a small Christmas type market on Kreshatik this year. It didn't offer much, but it was a good idea that could grow.


Winter Sunshine

I think that after the holidays we should keep the lights up til spring!


Not Your Typical New Year's Tree!

I apologize for not posting earlier. Life happens here. It lives you not the other way around. I finally got out after New Year's to take some shots of downtown Kyiv during the holiday season. I will post them daily.

Here's the most amazing New Year's tree ever. It not only is 50 tons of lighted astro turf, it also boasts diamond sized TV screens on it's side. It started it's own social media conglomerate and I bet it can sing, tap dance and write poetry as well.