The Last Photo Of The Social Media New Year's Tree

This is the last photo of 2012's New Year's tree! I hope it comes back next year! (2012)


Crown of Beauty said...

Thanks for the visit! I came over to look at your photo album blog. Couldn't stop scrolling down, even to other pages. Went as far back as June 2011... amazing shots. Pictures can speak more than words.

I loved looking at the photos you took around Kyiv (I am so used to spelling it Kiev... but with you spelling it differently, I should follow suit, after all, you're the one who knows!)

The Hungary photos I have seen before... but it was good to look at them again. Have you heard of the Resurrection Day dance in the public square of Budapest that Faith Church holds every resurrection sunday? THere's a video of it on YouTube... awesome dance.



Fotos From Kyiv said...

Thank you! I spell it Kyiv as that is the Ukrainian way to spell it and Ukraine is the official language of Ukraine! ;) Kiev is the Russian style. Both Russian and Ukrainian are spoken in Ukraine. I started learning Russian so I mainly speak that, but I can read and understand Ukrainian passably well.

Have not heard of that dance in Budapest. I also love Budapest. I will check out the video. Thanks! :)