Time For Souvenirs!

Lady selling souvenirs outside of St Michael's Church.


The Holodomor Memorial outside of St. Michael's Church.


St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's church is such a yummy color!


Summer Skyline

Ah, a summer day in Kyiv! It almost seems impossible to believe when you are stuck in the end of winter weather!



Stone Cross

I love this cross!

And I especially love looking at some color!



I think it's safe to say Ukraine is a country of extremes!


Reminders Of Summer

I don't know what it's like now where you live, but here in Kyiv it's been extremely gloomy and the sun has disappeared. So I decided to post some color filled photos to remind us of summer!



After The Holidays

The ice rink is still up on Maidan and so is the Christmas tree.

This lady said she's not a trained figure skater but she was pretty darn good and the only skater who could go backwards.

Proof that Bart Simpson is most likely an Ukrainian American.

No snow, just cloudy, dark skies!


Strokes Against Homelessness

Tennis Tournament fundraiser for street children in Ukraine. (2008)


Domino's Definitely Delivers In Ukraine!

The biggest event for ex pats in 2010 was the opening of a real deal Domino's Pizza franchise. Not only do they have a small eating area for dining in customers, but they deliver as well. And I have to say that it's even tastier than their pizza stateside! Just call 222.1111 for the best pepperoni pizza in Ukraine!

Domino's vespas and car parked in front of a New Year's tree. It's still up as of today!


Summer Sky On a Winter Day

Bank in Podil region. (May 2008)

It's nice to look at this photo. Yes, this is the real sky. I darkened the colors a bit. I do very little editing to my photos. It's overcast, cold and gray in Kyiv now as we approach the end of the winter. Tomorrow I'll post some current photos.


Abandoned Playground

Parts of this playground were destroyed (?) but there was some beautiful graffiti that was painting on this slide. (May 2008)



The famous department store, Tsum!
(June 2008)



Traffic in Kyiv is always a challenge! (May 2008)



Welcome to my blog "Fotos From Kyiv." I wanted to start a blog to put my photos of Kyiv in one place and I decided to share them with you! I will be adding new photos in between posting older photos.


Victory Day

A group of World War II veterans having their annual kasha lunch on Victory Day. (May 2008)